Virtual Office Hours — We’re Here for You.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. What remains constant is our desire to be a nonprofit partner — our company’s tagline.

We’re here for you, whether you have a challenge that needs to be discussed or an opportunity that can be leveraged.

For the next three weeks, our senior leadership team is hosting virtual office hours for any nonprofit that needs us. We have 42 phone sessions available from Monday, April 13 through Friday, May 1. We’ll listen and we’ll advise.

Our virtual office hours are pro bono 30-minute calls with Lindsey Steinberg, Director of Client Engagement & Senior Consultant; Jenny Bergman, Director of Communications and Operations; or, myself, Kerri Mollard, Founder & CEO of Mollard Consulting.

The topics can range from navigating the current crisis to broader themes of fundraising, board governance, campaigns, and planning. Each participant will be asked to answer a few questions in advance of the call so that we can best understand the issue at hand. If your organization is interested, click here for more information and to sign up for a time.

Over the next three weeks, I will share with you any themes that we hear so that we can broadly inform the sector about the issues and concerns presented to us along with our ideas for solutions.

Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, and Dr. Amy Acton have said many times that we are #InThisTogetherOhio. These virtual office hours are the least we can do, especially when so many are putting their lives on the line to ensure our collective health and safety.

While our office is closed our business is open. The virtual office hours extend our reach while maintaining our commitment to social distancing and working from home.

We won’t rest until we know that we have done all that we can to support the nonprofit sector. We know when nonprofits are healthy, so too are communities and families.

Article by: Kerri Laubenthal Mollard, Founder & CEO

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