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Wellington helps to shape those who will shape world.

As an independent school, they welcome curiosity, cultivate passion, and embrace diversity of thought, experience, and personal identity.

Because they think education can, and should, be better, they created the Wellington Engagement Index to measure student learning in the classroom.

The Wellington Engagement Index defines student engagement as the combination of “high challenge” and “love of the work being done.” The following grid is given to students and asked: “how do you feel about your classes?”

The Wellington Engagement Index

The students place each of their classes on the grid based on how challenging the class is and how much they love it, which is a simple yet deeply meaningful process. All grids become part of a larger dashboard that gives teachers and administrators tremendous data on teaching and learning.

Schools and organizations around the country are using the Wellington Engagement Index to transform their classrooms. Rob Brisk, Wellington’s Head of School, gave a TEDx Talk to demonstrate how the Index tracks student challenge and love of learning.

This summer, Rob will transition to Head of the Wellington Initiative to further his work with the Index. Rob and his colleagues developed this tool, but more importantly, they are sharing their insights broadly for greater impact.

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Article by: Kerri Laubenthal Mollard, Founder & CEO

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