What Our Clients Say

Bexley Education Foundation

“Kerri and her team know how to get to the heart of organizational issues and challenges quickly and without judgment. As an outcome of the strategic planning retreat that Mollard Consulting facilitated for us, we created new mission, vision, and values statements for the Bexley Education Foundation as well as established strategic organizational and board committee goals.”

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus has had a fantastic experience working with Mollard Consulting. Kerri and her team are incredibly professional and have been true partners with Boys & Girls Clubs to raise funds to accomplish the mission and goals of the organization. They are willing to roll up their sleeves and work alongside organizations to develop their visions and plans, as well as on the actual execution of the projects. We are incredibly fortunate to have Mollard in our community, and we highly recommend any nonprofit organization work with them on their upcoming projects.”

“Working with Mollard Consulting was as dynamic as the product itself. Their consultants really listened to our challenges, researched the content and context, asked us beautiful questions, and helped us articulate the changes we wanted to bring about. The process allowed for the complexities but also gave us tangible outputs to use immediately. We truly value the quality of thinking they engaged in with us and the attention to detail they brought to our project.”

“Working with Mollard Consulting has been exceptional. Kerri and her team are thoughtfully meticulous, passionate, and intentional. As a complex organization, quickly learning the history of our department, the constituents we serve, and the programs we provide is a complex task. Mollard accomplished this work with exceptional agility. The greatest benefit of partnering with Mollard is you get a team of individuals with a depth of experience. If you are looking for a team that cares about the smallest of details, thinks three steps ahead, and treats every member of your team with the sincerity of a good friend — you have made the right choice.”

“Starting with Next Generation of Leaders 19 years ago, Kerri steadily has created a vision of supporting and advancing our community. Kerri’s confidence and her striving for success validates the fact that “80% of success is showing up.”

“Mollard Consulting provided our board a fantastic training that helped them look at development through a different lens. It resulted in an increased effort to connect us with others and build our pipeline.”

“Our organization has moved four dozen donors into a deeper investment with our organization since we worked with Mollard – and we’ve only scratched the surface of what Mollard’s work has made possible for us! The data, the plan and the action items – it’s so nice to ask an expert to help you sort through all of the noise to come up with something simple and easy to execute. That’s what our Mollard fundraising plan does.”

“Since the beginning, Kerri Mollard and Mollard Consulting have provided a valued service for nonprofits — practical, applicable blueprints for defining purpose and tactics. A strategic direction must be one that can be applied to all facets of an organization, from a shared vision to everyday operation. Kerri and her team have proven to be the logical choice for this important step in the life of an organization.”

“Our experience with Mollard Consulting had an immediate and lasting impact on our organization. Their data-driven approach was instrumental in mapping current assets and weaknesses within our development efforts, setting expectations with our board and staff, long-range planning, and crafting communications to motivate supporters. The greatest benefit of partnering with Mollard Consulting has been the resulting increase in board participation in and comfort with fundraising.”

“We hired Mollard Consulting to lead our first board retreat, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The agenda was developed collaboratively, and it was incredibly intentional in its design. Our board left feeling informed and energized with a clear set of priorities to tackle in the year ahead.”

“Kerri Mollard has been a trusted colleague for many years. She continues to grow in the thinking and processes she leverages to help her clients get to the next level. She has positioned Mollard Consulting as a trusted advisor for nonprofit organizations of all sizes and sectors. We hired Kerri to facilitate a Board retreat at NAWBO Columbus. She was exactly the right person to help us begin our transition from 20 years of a working, volunteer board into a high functioning board focused on policy and governance. Her insights on sound board governance, effective implementation strategies, and fundraising are grounded in best practice. Kerri and her team will help your organization take the next strategic step toward greater success and community impact.”

“Arts organizations, big and small, sometimes need support to reach their highest potential. Mollard Consulting has leveraged the talents and skills of board members and staff to ensure goals become realities, and mission-driven work is at the heart of it all.”

“Mollard Consulting provided the strategic planning to create a new mission as well as form agency vision and values. This work has been invaluable. As an organization with new leadership and board engagement we are able to move forward and establish the guiding principles for present and future. Mollard Consulting made us accountable to complete our goals; planning and implementing a Board/Staff Retreat, providing immediate feedback and check-ins; listening to our feedback and providing suggestions; making sure we completed the work. Mollard Consulting went above and beyond my expectations; they will definitely be our “go to” partner in the future.”

“Thank goodness for Kerri and her team, they allowed us to move in a positive direction during a time of transition. They afforded us the time we needed to chart our course, as we took comfort in knowing we were in good hands. Their ability to quickly ascertain our immediate and intermediate needs meant that we hardly missed a beat as we pursued funding opportunities in the community. Kerri has surrounded herself, at Mollard Consulting, with a team all-stars. I had the utmost confidence in their advice, as well as the grants they produced for us. Everyone was professional AND caring — what a great combination for any non-profit as we are focused on helping children with challenges and their families.”

“Kerri does the rare thing of listening her way into organizational change and development strategies. Kerri is sold on the value of not-for-profit work in this society. From her own employ in nonprofits, she knows the issues from the inside out.”

“My first introduction to Mollard Consulting was during a nonprofit conference where we were each presenting. During Mollard’s presentation, it was clear that they understand the unique challenges that nonprofit boards and leaders face. When a partner embarked on a major capital campaign which we were helping to facilitate, I knew we needed the Mollard team to help establish the infrastructure and process to lead to success. It is essential to have an external subject matter expert to help navigate a major initiative, whether that be a campaign, program development, or updating a governance model. Mollard has the experience and strategies needed to get your nonprofit to the next level of impact.”

We instantly felt a mission alignment with Mollard Consulting's vision and values.They delivered on the promise from start to finish.