Team Members Are the #1 Strategic Priority for The Buckeye Ranch

The Buckeye Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving children, youth, and families through a continuum of care, including mental and behavioral health services, child welfare, transitional-aged youth and foster care services, and education-based services. Our mission at The Buckeye Ranch is to restore hope and provide healing to children, youth, and families. Our coordinated services assist families who are urgently seeking help. Without access to this critical care, families and communities struggle to keep their children safe and supported. When families experience their hope restored, they can begin their journey of healing and contribute to a thriving community.  

The Buckeye Ranch operates four core program lines in our comprehensive continuum of care:

  • Child Welfare Services
  • Community and Education Services
  • Integrated Care Service
  • Residential Services

We cannot do this work without the dedication of our team members who are in the community every day making a difference in the lives of our children, youth, families, and communities. They are our greatest strength, but the care and services we provide can only be as strong as our team members. That’s why, since 2020, our primary strategic focus is to support our team members’ success in their role of serving this community and to provide them with the opportunity to grow professionally at The Buckeye Ranch.

The Buckeye Ranch’s Principles of Quality Care are essential to support not only our children, youth, and families but also, our team members. The Principles of Quality Care are Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive, Strength-based, and Family-Centered. These principles undergird every program and practice The Buckeye Ranch implements. Providing consistent trauma-informed care requires a parallel process in which an organization pays as much attention to the wellness of our team members as it does to that of our children, youth, and families. The “great resignation” is evidence we can no longer expect to offer quality care to our community if we do not make systemic changes in organizational approaches to team member wellness and care.

With rising workforce turnover rates, limited financial resources, and increased referrals for services, it became evident that The Buckeye Ranch had to adopt a comprehensive approach to prioritize our team members. This multi-pronged approach began several years ago with the implementation of our 2020 Strategic plan that included restructuring the organization to make professional development a priority, an intensive focus on supervisor/manager development, strategic investments in understanding and utilizing team member strengths, deep dives into organizational self-reflection, and resource allocation toward culturally respectful responses with our staff.

Since our 2020 Strategic Plan, The Buckeye Ranch has made great strides in prioritizing our team members by listening to and understanding their needs. As we embark on a new strategic plan in 2023, we’re continuing this work by fostering an organizational culture that emphasizes team member engagement­ and professional and performance development while integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion. To do so, we’re focusing on three key areas to support our team members throughout all stages of their careers at The Buckeye Ranch: Recruitment and Engagement, Performance, and Development.

  • Recruitment and Engagement: We are committed to cultivating an inclusive, resilient, and transparent culture through our engagement, recruitment, and retention efforts for our team members. We embrace and value our team members as part of the first responder community and treat them as such. We are committed to recruiting and engaging candidates to join our organization whose characteristics are aligned with our values and principles of quality care. We strive for our team members to feel welcomed, recognized, and supported by their supervisor, team, and organization.
  • Performance: We are committed to providing our team members with the resources needed to perform their key functions, and ultimately, provide the best care for our community. We are developing a more robust onboarding experience allowing team members to deeply understand their roles and responsibilities. We will provide team members with the tools and training necessary to support their daily work. And finally, we will ensure that team members receive guidance and support from all organizational levels as they continue to learn their roles within the organization.
  • Development: Once immersed in their roles, we will provide opportunities for team members to continue developing their skills, competencies, and expertise throughout their careers. We believe that all 500+ of our team members should have equitable access to professional development while employed at The Buckeye Ranch. To ensure this, over the next three years, we are committed to providing growth opportunities, as well as establishing a strategic leadership framework, allowing team members to learn how to be a leader in any role or position.

We are excited to embark on our next 3-year Strategic Plan that gives us dedicated resources to build our team members’ strengths. We truly believe our team members are the reason why our organization is so successful, and our outcomes are strong. By prioritizing our team members’ growth and needs, we are prioritizing our mission — to restore hope and provide healing to the children, youth, and families within our communities.

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