Strategic Greater Ohio.

The great state of Ohio has exceptional leaders driving change. Some of those leaders are elected officials, policy directors, funders, and business owners; but many are ordinary citizens who care deeply about their community.

That’s where our client, the Greater Ohio Policy Center, comes in.

Their research and analysis combined with expert counsel and advocacy gives local changemakers the tools and support needed to create a revitalized Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch featured GOPC’s work with legacy cities in not one, but two highly-acclaimed articles.

GOPC recently partnered with the Richland County Foundation to provide the research and strategy needed to create a plan to fulfill Mansfield’s vision to become an optimal place to conduct business, gather, and live.

We have worked with the leadership in Mansfield for many years and hold that community in high regard. From the Brickyard led by Downtown Mansfield, Inc. and Richland Carrousel Park to the Richland County Foundation’s leadership program for nonprofits, the community honors its past while charting a new course for its future.

The collaboration between GOPC and the Richland County Foundation is evidence of their thought leadership. Both parties worked to deeply engage residents in creating the Mansfield Rising Plan.

The end result is far greater than the sum of its parts. As quoted in Mansfield Rising, “This plan was possible because the Foundation let go of power and used its ability to convene groups of people. It trusted Mansfielders to be more than just residents, and invited them to become true citizens.”

This project is a true embodiment of GOPC’s values, which are:


Our policy platforms are based on objective data, not politics, and we work with both sides of the aisle to achieve our goals.


We build upon what exists, see what could be, and create solutions to enable sustainable growth.


Our research and analysis are designed to impact strategic decisions and investments.


Collaboration and cooperation are fundamental to how we plan and work.


The vitality of Ohio, and its cities and towns, matter to us and motivates our actions.

To Alison Goebel, Brady Groves, and your teams and partners, congratulations on creating a plan that personifies the community and sets for a vision for tomorrow.

Ohio is greater because of it.

Article by: Kerri Laubenthal Mollard, Founder & CEO

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