Rethink Your Board Committees

Big Idea #2 – Rethink Your Board Committees

How many committees does your organization have? How many are listed in your bylaws and how many are part of your board’s current operations?

How many are standing committees, and how many are ad-hoc? Are they board led, staff led, or a hybrid?

Do you have a governance committee or is it chartered as nominating only? Do you have an audit committee separate from your finance committee?

It’s a powerful set of questions as the health of your nonprofit organization is directly related to the relationship between the board and the chief executive. And, that relationship is often based on how the board functions via the committee structure.

Conduct an exercise with your board to assess the focus of each committee — is the committee strategic or operational, and how does it move the organization forward? The board governs best at the strategic level and the staff leads best when given the freedom and trust to manage operations.

Let me know the results of your committee reframe.

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