Reeb Avenue Center

case-studyReeb Avenue Center is a catalyst for change. Located on the south side of Columbus, the renovated historic school is now home to 14 nonprofit tenants and multiple community partners. It has been called a national model and is a powerful example of what can happen with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors come together with a singular purpose – to lift up a community through the power of education and employment.

The nonprofit tenants include:

  • Alvis, Inc.,
  • Amethyst,
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus,
  • Community Development for All People,
  • ConnectOhio/DigitalWorks,
  • Eastway Behavioral Healthcare,
  • Godman Guild Association,
  • House of Hope,
  • Lutheran Social Services,
  • Mid-Ohio Foodbank,
  • Ohio State University Extension,
  • St. Stephen’s Community House,
  • South Side Learning & Development Center, and
  • South Side Neighborhood Pride Center.

… All of whom are more than co-locating in a space or collaborating on programs, they are actively co-creating solutions.

The Reeb Avenue Center is vision is to be a hub of hope flourishing on the south side. Its mission is building a prosperous south side community.

Mollard Consulting began as campaign counsel five years ago and collaborated with Bodiker Consulting in the early phases of planning, which focused on the need for a new South Side Learning & Development Center building. Throughout the extensive community engagement, led by Centripetal Strategies, the Mollard team worked closely with the private donors – the Crane, Grote, and Kelley families – the public donors – City of Columbus, State of Ohio, and US Dept of HUD – the nonprofit tenants, the architects at Moody Nolan, the builders at Thomas & Marker, vendors, and all who supported this project. The result was $12.5 million raised for capital, $225,000 raised for first year operating costs, $2.22 of a $4 million goal for endowment, and tens of thousands of dollars of in-kind support.
The role of Mollard Consulting evolved throughout the five-year journey, which included more than fundraising and grant writing as it was also the launch of a new nonprofit with obtaining 501c3 status and included strategy, planning, coaching, negotiating, board development, government relations, media relations, financial modeling, project management, vendor selection, lease management, construction liaison, tenant relations, and event planning. The ground breaking ceremony was September 2014 and the ribbon cutting ceremony was September 2015. The Reeb Avenue Center has won many awards and has been a transformational project for the community, but also for Mollard Consulting.

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“Kerri is an amazing and inspiring leader in fundraising. Through her wide ranging set of skills and expertise, she guided us through a two-year process of raising $12 million in capital, through state, city, private and foundation support. She has the remarkable ability to speak to and influence CEO’s, political leaders, public administrators, non-profit leaders and anyone at any level. She is a highly effective speaker and has thorough knowledge of her subject. Kerri performs extensive research and utilizes sophisticated financial modeling to support the case.”

“With Kerri’s leadership, we have pursued any number of alternative fundraising approaches including; in-kind donations, tax credits, and even creative approaches to at-risk contractors. Kerri also has a great sense of humor that allows us to laugh at ourselves when times get tough!

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“[Kerri] is by far the most knowledgeable and professional Fundraising Consultant I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my career.”

“Our project has been a labor of love and Kerri has led this effort with integrity, grace and conviction. She has led us through the process in a timely manner. Kerri is creative in her approach and strategic thinking. Her ability to lead is evident. Kerri adds value on budgeting, pro-formas and endowments.”


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