Rethink Your Executive Committee

We believe in the power of lifelong learning. In that spirit, I traveled to Denver earlier this summer to spend three days with the experts at BoardSource and nonprofit consultant colleagues from around the country to dive into the topic of nonprofit board governance.

Over the past few weeks, I have shared an idea or topic that I learned from the BoardSource presenters and my colleagues with my LinkedIn followers. Read my next few posts and let me know your thoughts on what I share, so that, together, we continue to grow.

Big Idea #1 – Re-Think Your Executive Committee

Say what?

We have often advocated for a strong executive committee comprised of officers and, sometimes, committee chairs. But an executive committee is often a power center.

What if the executive committee was ad-hoc? What if the executive committee only met to review chief executive performance and compensation?

What if a lack of board engagement is a direct result of the power center created by an engaged executive committee—what’s left for the rest of the board to discuss or decide?

What if the authority to govern was given to the entire board ?

What if, as a sector, we re-framed the role of the executive committee? Would your organization be healthier? Tell me what you think.

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