On the Road with OANO

This year, Kerri is traveling around Ohio to present on board development and governance as a part of OANO’s Capacity Building series. The series consists of eight sessions on topics ranging from board development to fundraising and grant writing. Through these sessions, OANO hopes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of nonprofit operations so organizations can realize and sustain their missions.

Kerri has presented in Athens, and will travel to Van Wert in August and Mansfield this fall. Her presentation:

  • teaches board roles and responsibilities and how they differ from staff roles,
  • discusses the legal duties of board membership,
  • outlines the key factors in the successful engagement of nonprofit board members,
  • provides practical applications for knowledge gained through real-world examples,
  • and deepens participant understanding of the OANO Standards of Excellence as they relate to board governance.

“Best-in-class boards pay attention to culture and dynamics. The real secret to board success — leadership culture — is difficult to measure. A productive leadership culture requires having the right people on the board, achieving clarity around roles and responsibilities, and educating and engaging board members. Strengthening the culture requires leading with intent: thoughtful planning, determined dedication, and collective commitment from chief executives, board chairs, and board members.” –Leading with Intent: A National Index of Board Practices

As proud member of OANO’s Council of Consultants, we are honored to be a part of OANO’s series. Remember, healthier boards make for healthier nonprofits.

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