Mollard Consulting’s Top 10 Articles From 2021

Since 2018, I have written weekly articles focusing on the needs and trends of the nonprofit community. Over the years, topics have ranged from fundraising to board governance and everything in between. But in 2020, as our world — and the needs of nonprofits — shifted, so too did our topics. I am inspired to write as nonprofits navigate new challenges while meeting the needs of those they serve.

Last year, we published our first annual list of top 10 articles. In keeping with our new tradition, we analyzed the readership data of our weekly articles from 2021 to compile this year’s top 10 most read articles. We were pleased to see the articles and topics that resonated most among our readers.

Mollard Consulting Top 10 Articles of 2021

  1. Here’s Why Systemic Bias Is the Cause of Imposter Syndrome
  2. Why Isn’t the Philanthropic Sector Prioritizing Equity in the Workplace?, guest column by Christina Patel, Development Director, Scholarship and Student Support at The Ohio State University
  3. Remembering Loann Crane
  4. The Do’s and Don’ts of Donor Stewardship
  5. Meet the Mollard Consulting Team
  6. The Most Important Resolutions Your Nonprofit Can Make
  7. Gratitude for Public Support of Small Business
  8. Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, guest column by Christina McLemore, Board Chair of Dress for Success Columbus
  9. The Do’s and Don’ts of Donor Cultivation
  10. Is Your Development Plan Based on Strategy?

A few highlights to note:

  • In 2020, we began featuring guest columnists to share our platform and elevate the diverse voices of leaders in our community. Christina Patel, Christina McLemore, and others contributed to the ongoing conversation surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. The need for equity was also discussed in our article on systemic bias and imposter syndrome, which was our most read article of the year.
  • Fundraising was a popular topic. Thanking and engaging donors is now more important than ever, and our readers benefited from do’s and don’ts lists for donor stewardship and cultivation practices. Our article on strategic development plans expanded on our best practices for interacting with donors as well as our method for utilizing data to further fundraising efforts.
  • Despite the ongoing challenges our society faces, we approached the year with a mindset of gratitude and abundance as outlined in our 2021 resolutions article. Earlier this year, Mollard Consulting secured public support that helped us remain stable and poised for growth while our team continued to work tirelessly to meet the needs of our clients. As the year comes to a close, I remain grateful for the heart and hard work of nonprofits.

Thank you for reading our articles each and every week. Send us an email about topics you’d like us to cover and guests you’d like us to feature in 2022. We look forward to connecting with you in the new year.

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