Local Matters

Local Matters is creating healthy communities through food education, access and advocacy. Its vision is to have systemic, food-related change across diverse populations and community settings by 2020.

Here, meet Michelle Moskowitz Brown, Executive Director of Local Matters.

Chief Executive Name and Title: Michelle Moskowitz Brown, Executive Director

City of residence: Columbus

Organization name: Local Matters

Organization mission: To create healthy communities through food education, access and advocacy

How long in this role/with the organization: Six years

Number of staff and volunteers: 20 staff, 200 volunteers

Describe the organization in three words: Best team ever

Proudest Achievement at Local Matters:  Creating a new home where we host classes in addition to the 100 sites where we teach annually

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be: Emma Goldman, Thurgood Marshall (listening to his audio book right now) and Kurt Vonnegut, though it might be better to be a fly on the wall for that odd mix

Favorite book: Tried long and hard, I can’t choose.

In elementary school I aspired to be: A comedian

Best part of working with Mollard Consulting: Getting to know Kerri and the rest of the team a bit


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