Happy Fiscal Year End

June brings an end to school, the beginning of summer, and, for many nonprofits, the transition from one fiscal year to another.

For those nonprofits with a June 30 fiscal year-end, we wish you the best as you close in on your goals and celebrate your Fiscal New Year’s Eve.

The days leading up to June 30 can be a frenzy. The development and finance teams are often in lockstep at this time, assessing what pledges are not yet paid, what new pledges can be booked, and how the expense forecast is playing out – all with the focus of being in the black.

When I was a development director, it was hard to expend all that energy to achieve everything that was anticipated, but then on July 1, the clock started once again toward a whole new set of goals and forecasts.

We encourage you to pause, reflect, and celebrate so that your teams don’t feel like they are on a perpetual hamster wheel. Consider an actual New Year’s party to recognize the hard work and achievements. Don’t let the moment pass without creating an opportunity to connect.

If the month of June is overwhelming for you, we encourage a quarterly budget review process where the fundraising and finance teams meet to check the budget assumptions and re-forecast goals. Waiting until the end of the fiscal year gives very little time to pivot.

If planning, budgeting, and forecasting fundraising goals are challenging for your organization, read the following articles to build your knowledge and guide your work.

Tell us the biggest challenge you are facing as you approach fiscal year-end. We’d love to help you analyze and strategize.

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