For the Love.

On this Valentine’s Day, we share with you our love for missions.

The Mollard Consulting mission is to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations and the individuals who serve them. We are fulfilled when we support causes that meet deep community needs, because we care about making an impact.

One aspect of our work that is particularly rewarding is when we can help a client gain clarity on their mission, vision, and values. We are disciples of Peter Drucker’s philosophy —  that missions should be “why you do what you do and not the means by which you do it.”

All too often nonprofits have long-winded, paragraph-long statements. These statements are typically so old or have so many words and phrases that no one knows what it means. Purpose-driven organizations have to be clear on why they exist, why donors should write a check, why volunteers should give their time, and why they do what they do.

We see the greatest impact made when organizations get crystal clear on these statements.

Bridgeway Academy’s mission is to inspire the potential and celebrate the ability of every child. Their vision is a world of opportunity for every child and a community of support for every family.

United Schools Network’s mission is to transform lives and our communities through the power of education. And, their vision is for every child, an open door.

Both clients are schools, but they serve different populations of students and families in different ways. These newly revised statements speak to the uniqueness of each organization and culture, and they inspire.

What is your mission, and does it convey the love you have for your purpose?

Article by: Kerri Laubenthal Mollard, Founder & CEO


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