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Working together to help more babies reach their first birthday

On average, three infants die every week in Franklin County. The majority die before 28 days of life. That’s enough to fill five kindergarten classrooms each year.

The City of Columbus and its partners launched CelebrateOne in 2014 to focus on lowering Franklin County’s infant mortality rate by 40 percent and cutting the racial health disparity gap in half by 2020. Millions of public dollars are invested from the state, city, and county. Mayor Andrew Ginther set a private fundraising goal to match the level of public investment to give infants a healthy start to life.

Mollard Consulting’s scope of work for CelebrateOne is comprehensive to address this alarming public health issue. We worked toward creating fundraising and board governance strategies, and we continue to coach through implementation.

The process began with extensive research to understand the organization’s current state and the issues surrounding infant mortality. We used our findings to analyze, strategize, plan, and coach.

As we continue to work with CelebrateOne to assist in meeting their goals, the nonprofit can focus on making neighborhoods with a higher risk of infant mortality safer and healthier for pregnant women and families raising babies.

Specific project work included:

  • By-laws, articles of incorporation, and IRS submission
  • Polices and procedures for the governing board
  • Committee structure to support the fundraising and programmatic efforts needed to reduce infant mortality rates
  • Relationship building with donors and community leaders to expand awareness and support