Mollard Consulting is honored to work with CelebrateOne as it tackles the issue of infant mortality in central Ohio. Here, learn more about Erika Clark Jones, Executive Director of CelebrateOne.

Chief Executive Name and Title: Erika Clark Jones, Executive Director

City of residence: Columbus, Ohio

Organization name: CelebrateOne, City of Columbus

Organization mission: Increase the number of babies in Franklin County that live and thrive to age One by eliminating preventable sleep related deaths, reducing the number of preterm births and improving service delivery to families most impacted by health disparities.

How long in this role/with the organization: Celebrating one year as Executive Director in March.

Number of staff and volunteers: Eight staff members, numerous volunteers and 24 contracted Community Health Workers
Describe the organization in three words: Collaborative, Inclusive, Evidence-informed

Proudest Achievement at CelebrateOne: 50% reduction in sleep-related infant deaths in 2017 (an accomplishment for the whole Franklin County village!)

Favorite book: Recent: Evicted by Matthew Desmond, a favorite of all time: The Grapes of Wrath

In elementary school I aspired to be a: An language interpreter at the United Nations

Best part of working with Mollard Consulting: The whole team is ALL-IN; thoughtful, committed and engaged!


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