It’s Year End! Tips for Donor Acknowledgement Letters

The month of December is always busy for fundraising. According to a recent benchmarking report, the percent of revenue raised per month is 13% in November and 26% in December — that’s a whopping 39% at year end. In addition, it states that “Nonprofits received 5% of all 2022 revenue on the last day of the […]

Gratitude and National Philanthropy Day

Each year, the Association of Fundraising Professionals hosts an awards lunch in honor of National Philanthropy Day. The event is always held the week of Thanksgiving, which allows for reflections of gratitude. This year, I am honored to be one of the award winners and wanted to use this column to thank my colleagues for […]

Successful Traits of Nonprofit Chief Executives

Nonprofit chief executives shoulder a tremendous responsibility, often with far too few resources. Last week, our column discussed the opportunities and challenges of for-profit chief executives becoming nonprofit chief executives. This week, we highlight the most successful traits we’ve seen in the leaders we work with. The maxim “know thyself” is true. Nonprofit chief executives […]

Corporate CEOs Becoming Nonprofit CEOs and the Challenges They Face

There are truths in leadership that transcend across any sector you work in — for-profit, nonprofit, or public — but there are stark differences, too. This week, we break down some of the challenges that we see corporate leaders face when they move into a nonprofit role. The nonprofit sector is vast. It ranges from […]

The Journey of the Women of Color Retail Alliance

In 2008, the retail industry was a stark landscape for women of color. Women made up 65% of the workforce but only 22% of leadership roles. For women of color — Latinas, Asians, and Blacks combined — the number was less than 1%. This glaring disparity was not just disheartening; it was a call to […]

Using Mission for Decision Making

We believe that everything flows from mission – everything. From hiring and budgeting to programming and fundraising, all of the organization’s efforts should be driven by this north star and defined by the singular pursuit of mission fulfillment. According to Peter Drucker, mission is “why you do what you do, not the means by which […]

Shifting Focus to the Community

Carol Argiro, Director Advancement, Huckleberry House Here are some things you should know about me. It was three AM in April. I was worried about my old back injury getting angry from the ground, still cold from winter, below me. The night seemed so long, morning still so far away. It had been stormy, the […]

20th Anniversary Reflections

Thank you to those who attended our event, and to all who sent best wishes for our 20th anniversary. The event was joyful and full of camaraderie. When I looked out at the room last week, I was flooded with so many memories of our work together. Those moments when we celebrated accomplishments, solved problems, […]

The Importance of Decision making Between Chief Executives and Boards

Decision making is often challenging for nonprofit chief executives. Where does the board’s authority stop, and the chief executive’s authority begin? The answer lies in the differences between seeking advice from the board, seeking approval from the board, or simply informing the board. Seek Advice, Seek Approval, or Inform To illustrate the differences between the […]