Behind the Design

As a freelance photographer and graphic designer, Anne Deis launched Ohiya Design to create highly designed and visual content pieces. Mollard Consulting works with Anne to meet our clients’ needs through designed reports, strategic plans, prospectuses, brochures, and more. For reports and plans, Anne’s design work helps translate our recommendations and findings into an easy-to-read and engaging format; for prospectuses and brochures, she develops compelling pieces that share our clients’ stories and visions for their projects.

We receive such positive feedback from our clients on the content we deliver, and that is in large part due to Anne and her work.

Because Anne works behind the scenes, we’re taking the opportunity to share more about the person behind the design. Here, Anne explains her creative process, her love for helping nonprofits, and her best social media tips.

Mollard Consulting: You’ve been designing for us and our clients since 2016. During that time our partnership has grown and evolved, and as a result, our design has too. Can you share a little bit about your creative process?

Anne Deis:  Yes! The process has really changed throughout the years and has taken a lot of time to get to the stride I’m able to hit now. I have realized the importance of taking the time to understand the feel of each nonprofit’s brand and applying that direction to the content I design. Each client has a different look and feel compared to the other, and I love to find ways to speak their language through design. Some of the content pieces I design for Mollard Consulting clients are over 50 pages long, so being able to make those reports more visually interesting is something I love to do.

MC: In addition to your design business, you also co-founded Happy Sloth Co., an apparel company that saves sloths and promotes positive mental health. What are some of the successes and challenges you’ve experienced as an entrepreneur and small business owner?

AD: My biggest success is hearing positive responses from customers and being able to make a real difference with animal conservation. I really pride myself on quality work, and that’s why our customers come back for new apparel and Happy Sloth Co. has a 5-star rating.

But any entrepreneur knows that it’s not all success, all the time — it’s learning that things can happen and determining how we can do better next time. I’m always evolving as an entrepreneur and learning about myself and what drives me as a small business owner. Seeing customers in tagged photos on social media is a big drive for me. I’ve been able to raise awareness of sloth conservation among essential strangers and make them smile with their purchase. What could get better than that?

MC: You help nonprofits further their missions through your design work as well as donating 10% of profits from Happy Sloth Co. to saving sloths. What initially motivated you to work with nonprofits and what keeps you coming back for more?

AD: I love creating dynamic, designed pieces that light a fire within nonprofits to fulfill their missions. It’s all about using my skills and design eye to empower nonprofits to create change for the better. I love the scope that I’ve been able to reach with Mollard Consulting and love the impact we’ve been able to make in communities.

Anne’s prospectus cover design for GCAC’s endowment campaign.

I knew that with Happy Sloth Co. I wanted to give back, be aware of who our customers are, know how apparel is made and shipped, and understand the effect we leave on the world. It’s always been a motivator for me and continues to be.

MC: In addition to designing beautiful content pieces, you’re also a social media wizard. What is your advice to nonprofits looking to increase their social media presence and engagement?

AD: Find a schedule and stick to it. Keeping it constant will let your followers know you’re serious and create loyalty to your audience. Start small by setting attainable goals, like posting just a couple of times a week, then push for more and find a balance that works for you. Don’t overthink it — followers love when organizations are honest and organic in their posts.

MC: Any other tips and tricks for our readers?

AD: Don’t be afraid to invest time and money in social media tools like Canva. It’s a great, basic resource to get you to the next level design-wise while on a smaller budget. They offer classes, but Youtube can really be your friend here. Have fun with it and find a template that works for your brand.

MC: Where can our readers find you?

AD: My personal Instagram handle is @annejdeis and Happy Sloth Co.’s is @happyslothco. Happy Sloth is also on TikTok with the same handle. For freelance design, I can be reached at or on LinkedIn.

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