Power + Nonprofit Boards – Part Two

Last week, we reviewed the power dynamics of nonprofit boards and donors, the larger cultural context at play, and how those challenges impact chief executives and the sector. This week, we highlight a study commissioned by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) with the research of two professors — Drs. Erynn Beaton and Megan LePere-Schloop […]

Power + Nonprofit Boards – Part One

“Over the door to the nonprofit’s boardroom there should be an inscription in big letters that says: ‘Membership on this board is not power, it is responsibility.’” – Peter F. Drucker[1] There is nothing new about nonprofit board members acting as power brokers or donors using their affluence for influence. There is also nothing new […]

Top 5 Myths About Prospect Wealth Screenings

New tools like A.I. are exciting and full of big promises, but does that mean the tools that have been around a long time are less effective? Although they’ve been around for decades, wealth screenings remain a valuable and surprisingly affordable tool — that still gets misunderstood. Following are the top 5 myths about prospect […]

A Year in Review: Our Top Articles From 2022

At Mollard Consulting, we are committed to serving as a partner to the nonprofit community. It’s why each week we write and publish an article focusing on the needs and trends of the nonprofit sector — providing insight, guidance, and new perspectives to nonprofit leaders. As 2022 comes to a close, we analyzed the numbers […]

Do Your By-laws Reflect How Your Nonprofit Operates? It May Be Time for a Review.

Nonprofit by-laws are legal documents that outline organizational structure. They define how a nonprofit board governs, its composition of officers and their term limits, and the rules by which decisions are made. Nonprofit by-laws are meant to guide actions and decisions made by the board, but we find that they often sit on a shelf […]

Building a Constructive Partnership for Exceptional Board Governance

What does it mean for a board and chief executive to be in “constructive partnership?” And why is a constructive partnership a critical component of a nonprofit’s success? We go to BoardSource for the answer. Scholar Richard Chait was the co-author of a BoardSource book called Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards. […]

How to Build the Ultimate Nonprofit KPI Dashboard

We often tell our clients to “let the data tell a story.” When we analyze various data points and look for patterns to emerge, the resulting picture is a unique view of the health of an organization. Data takes many forms including financial, outcomes, participation, utilization, ratios, retention, satisfaction, and more. But unless leadership uses […]

Happy Birthday, Peter Drucker!

This week marks Peter Drucker’s 113th birthday. He was born on November 19, 1909, and died on November 11, 2005, only eight days before his 96th birthday. Despite the more than one century of time that has passed since his birth, his wisdom prevails. We use his writings in our work with clients every day, […]

What Makes a Good Board Retreat?

Retreats create a tremendous opportunity for nonprofit boards to build connections, increase understanding, and gain alignment on a path forward. The continual learning and capacity development by boards and organizations is considered a best practice. It’s why retreat facilitation is one of our favorite scopes of work to partner with clients on. However, not all […]