Building a Campaign Gift Chart

This column begins a series on fundraising fundamentals. Over the next few months, we will review various tools to help you achieve your goals. This week, we review gift charts. A campaign gift chart illustrates how many donors are needed at which giving level to achieve a fundraising goal. It’s important to think of a […]

Navigating Change and Building Bridges: A Journey in the Aging and Disability Network

Embarking on a career in the aging and disability network has been a transformative journey filled with rich experiences and intense learning. The changing demographics over the last decades have brought unprecedented challenges, but they have also ignited the creativity and dedication of individuals within the network. This blog post reflects on the incredible moments, […]

Importance of Board Education

Nonprofit board members have an obligation to build and sustain the board as an effective governing body. The chief executive plays a role in the recruitment, nomination, and onboarding of board members but, ultimately, it is the board who must advance itself. One important way to grow the board’s knowledge and capacity is to plan […]

Strategic Planning Primer

Many nonprofits start the new year with goals of crafting a new strategic plan. January is a great time to elevate out of the day-to-day and to think about your organization’s strategic direction. Every strategic plan is written in the context of external factors that are outside the organization’s control — the economy, public policy […]

2024 Nonprofit Sector Resolutions

We begin by reflecting on themes of the past and what we believe will be important themes this year. Since 2020, our company has had a tradition to offer nonprofit sector resolutions (revisit them here: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023), and we continue with cautious optimism for 2024. It’s an understatement to say that this will […]

A Year in Review: Our Top Articles From 2023

We began publishing an annual list of our top ten most read articles in 2020. As we ring in 2024, we want to reflect on the messages you found most interesting and inspiring from last year. The following list of articles received the most engagement over 2023. Our most read column was a guest feature […]

It’s Year End! Tips for Donor Acknowledgement Letters

The month of December is always busy for fundraising. According to a recent benchmarking report, the percent of revenue raised per month is 13% in November and 26% in December — that’s a whopping 39% at year end. In addition, it states that “Nonprofits received 5% of all 2022 revenue on the last day of the […]