A Year of Unprecedented Gratitude.

It has been a year fraught with unprecedented challenge. The coronavirus has caused so much struggle, heartache, and loss. But, as I pause and reflect, I have found that it has also been a year of unprecedented gratitude for me and my team.

I will never forget the day in early spring when, like many small businesses, we faced an uncertain future. The feelings of fear and concern were beginning to overwhelm. Yet, in the matter of a few days, we received a Payroll Protection Program (PPP) award and two clients expanded their scopes. I sat in my home office with the warm sun shining in and began a meditation on gratitude.

That gratitude mantra has been my solace throughout this year. There is much to be grateful for, including:

  • My health and the health of my family, my team, and their families.
  • Doctors, nurses, therapists, researchers, and scientists who have worked tirelessly to provide care and develop a life-saving vaccine.
  • Public health officials, especially local leaders like Amy Acton and Dr. Mysheika Roberts, who have led with empathy, transparency, and expertise.
  • Elected officials at the federal, state, county, and city levels who have made small business grants to Mollard Consulting and to tens of thousands of companies like ours to ensure continued operations.
  • Nonprofit leaders, staffers, donors, and volunteers whose commitment and hard work has been extraordinary despite the hardships they face on a daily basis.
  • Our clients and colleagues whose continued partnership inspires us. We are in awe of their impact.
  • Teachers, administrators, coaches, and counselors who continue to meet the academic, socio-emotional, and extracurricular needs of students of all ages and abilities.
  • Front-line workers, election workers, delivery drivers, and essential employees of all types who cannot work from home and whose service has ensured that we have access to everything from groceries to holiday gifts.
  • Activists whose calls for racial and social justice remind us that we are stronger together and that getting into good trouble is good for democracy.
  • Artists, athletes, and entertainers who have given us an ability to transcend and a reason to celebrate.
  • My faith and my church, which has continued to broadcast religious services via the web to keep us safely connected to community and to prayer.
  • The loves of my life – my family and our sweet dog, and my dear friends – whose companionship and support carries me forward.
  • The sun and the rain, the snow and the clouds, because it is in experiencing the gifts of nature that we are grounded in the earth’s energy and that all living things are connected.
  • Your intentions, whatever they may be.

We wish you peace this holiday season and gratitude for the new year.

Article by: Kerri Laubenthal Mollard, Founder & CEO

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