A Year in Review: Our Top Articles From 2022

At Mollard Consulting, we are committed to serving as a partner to the nonprofit community. It’s why each week we write and publish an article focusing on the needs and trends of the nonprofit sector — providing insight, guidance, and new perspectives to nonprofit leaders.

As 2022 comes to a close, we analyzed the numbers to see what articles and topics from the past year resonated most among our readers. We revisit and reflect on our most popular articles in the list below.

1. 10 Board Governance Red Flags and How Board Members Can Solve Them.

Our most-read article of 2022 offered a selection of quotes from board members and chief executives that we have heard in our work over the years. The quotes, which we determined to be major board governance red flags, were offered as conversation starters between board members and chief executives to help improve board governance.

2. Board Operations Part One — The Difference Between Board Roles and Staff Roles.

Following the board governance trend, this article was the first in a series on board operations. We share the difference between board roles and staff roles as this is a topic that arises often. While boards are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization, they often get involved in the operational aspect of the work.

3. Legacy of Good: 75 Years of Crane Group Giving. Guest column by Elon Simms, Crane Group.

Our most popular guest column was a profile of the Crane Group’s long history of generous philanthropy by Elon Simms, Crane Group’s VP of Community Impact. As the Crane Group celebrates 75 years in business, we’re grateful for the impact both the Crane family and company have had on our community.

4. Want to Solve the Overhead Myth? Stop Calling It Overhead.

For years, leaders have explained that the effectiveness of nonprofits cannot be determined by the amount organizations spend on overhead costs. Yet, the overhead myth persists. This article offers a solution to the overhead myth — stop calling these costs overhead and start calling them infrastructure.

5. Don’t Start a Nonprofit — Really, Don’t.

You are passionate. You are creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. You have an idea. You believe it’s unique and meets a community need. But should you start a nonprofit? This popular article outlined the reasons why people really shouldn’t start a nonprofit.

6. What Are Working Boards Working On? Guest column by Dani Robbins, John Carroll University.

All boards work. But the question is, do they work on the right things? In this guest column, Dani Robbins, Director of Nonprofit Administration Programs at John Carroll University, explains why she doesn’t teach her students about working boards and answers the question of what working boards (should be) working on.

7. Most Fundraisers Have Been Sexually Harassed. Here’s How Nonprofits Can Address the Problem. Guest column by Dr. Erynn Beaton, The Ohio State University John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

Earlier this year, researchers at The Ohio State University made national headlines with findings that over 75% of people in the fundraising profession have been sexually harassed. In a guest column, Dr. Erynn Beaton, Assistant Professor at OSU and one of the study’s researchers, shared ways in which nonprofits can work to address this difficult issue.

8. The Power of Donor Stewardship. Guest column by Lisa Courtice, Ph.D., United Way of Central Ohio.

A surprising twist was shared in this guest column. Lisa Courtice, President & CEO of United Way of Central Ohio, shared a personal story about the power of donor stewardship with hopes of inspiring nonprofit leaders to regularly thank donors in a timely manner as part of their donor stewardship practices.

9. Refugees and Their Stories Add to the Vibrancy of Columbus. Guest column by Tariq Tarey, Jewish Family Services.

Tariq Tarey, Director of Refugee Services for Jewish Family Services, explains the journey of Congolese refugees as they settle in Columbus in this guest column. Tariq is also a documentary photographer who visually captures the stories of refugees. Some of his stunning photography of local refugees is featured in this article.

10. Seeds for Growth.

Rounding out our top ten most-read articles for the year is our partnership with Huntington Bank’s Seeds for Growth earlier this year. As the lead presenter, we shared the importance of succession planning and board governance. A panel of community leaders shared how they are making racial and social equity investments within their organizations.

On behalf of the Mollard Consulting team, thank you for your engagement in 2022. As we look towards the new year, we invite you to share your feedback on the topics you’d like us to cover and the voices you’d like to hear from in 2023. Drop your comments below.

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