20th Anniversary Reflections

Thank you to those who attended our event, and to all who sent best wishes for our 20th anniversary. The event was joyful and full of camaraderie.

When I looked out at the room last week, I was flooded with so many memories of our work together. Those moments when we celebrated accomplishments, solved problems, worked through challenges, laughed out loud, and learned from one another. Thank you for all of it, because at the end of the day, we care more about relationships than transactions.

Recently, at lunch with a colleague, I was asked what the secret of success was—how did I sustain 20 years of a small business?

The answer was simple. You.

You have hired us, partnered with us, and supported our growth. We do not exist without you.

Thank you for believing in our work and allowing our mission to serve yours.

Our first client was the Jazz Arts Group and our 144th client is Artmobile. Both are arts organizations, which is the sector where I began my career in the mid–1990s.

While our company began with a corps of arts and culture clients, we have grown to serve organizations in education, human services, youth development, health, housing, environmental, recreation, civic, community, and other sectors.

Over the years, we have developed a deep expertise in public-private partnerships. We have seen how powerful it is to bring leaders, and dollars, from both sectors together to move a nonprofit mission forward. When we all align on a vision with shared resources, we can move mountains.

Since Mollard Consulting’s mission focuses on capacity building, we included a panel conversation during the event. The panel featured four community leaders who have impacted our company and team, both personally and professionally.

  • Erika Clark Jones, CEO, ADAMH Board of Franklin County. She is a long-time partner through Reeb Avenue Center, CelebrateOne, and now the ADAMH campaign for a new Crisis Care Center in Franklin County.
  • Jane Grote Abell, executive chairwoman and chief purpose officer, Donatos Pizza. We have worked together for over a decade on projects that include the Kids Come First Campaign, Reeb Avenue Center, Action for Children, and St. Mary School German Village.
  • Tanny Crane, CEO, Crane Group. I first met Tanny through Jane because of the Reeb Avenue Center, which was a transformational project and a major contributor to our company’s growth.
  • Tom Katzenmyer, president & CEO, GCAC. He is a champion for our work and we have partnered on 11 different scopes of work since 2017. What a joy it has been to advance the mission of GCAC through service to the board and leadership team.

Our panel conversation included topics on board governance, fundraising, diversity, regional growth, and defining community. The conversation was insightful, and we are grateful for their knowledge, leadership, and friendship.

Lastly, we believe that abundance can only be created in community. Thank you to our panelists and to all of you for being a part of the community that defines Mollard Consulting.


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