The Wellington Way.

Wellington helps to shape those who will shape world.

As an independent school, they welcome curiosity, cultivate passion, and embrace diversity of thought, experience, and personal identity.

Because they think education can, and should, be better, they [Read more]

Strategic Greater Ohio.

The great state of Ohio has exceptional leaders driving change. Some of those leaders are elected officials, policy directors, funders, and business owners; but many are ordinary citizens who care deeply about their community.

That’s where [Read more]

AFP ICON 2019 Top 10.

The best parts of conferences are learning new ideas, developing new relationships, and seeing a new city. San Antonio did not disappoint on all three measures.


The following is my top 10 list from the 2019 [Read more]

AFP in San Antonio.

This weekend, 4,000 fundraising professionals from around the country will gather at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Conference to learn, make connections, and build skills.

Professional conferences can be tremendously rewarding. In fact, my [Read more]